Saturday, August 15, 2009

Today we went to the Fair, with every high hope of enjoying the food, artwork, quilts, cakes, baked items, that showcase WI talent and goods, from our local state residents.

BUT after being there for less than 30 minutes, Amber fell because of a hole in the asphalt and she sprained her ankle badly. So we rented a wheel chair and pushed her around to see everything else (after a stop at first aid and the paramedics :(

Below are some pictures of fun stuff, including some strangers.......eating the CHOCOLATE COVERED BACON ON A STICK, because there was no way I was eating that! ICK!
Amber and Anthony had a peanut butter and jelly on a stick, deep fried.
There were SO many things on a was crazy!
Anthony also had a snickers candy bar, dipped and deep fried on a stick!

We had the staple items, like CREAM PUFFs, WI Potatoes, CHEESE CURDS etc. It was delicious, and the day went ok, with the exception of Amber's injury!

That is Earl in the blue shirt and COW hat! These are just a couple of views of the fair grounds and how it looks!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.


Lin said...

Looks like such a grand time, Patti! So glad Amber is okay and that you were able to continue your day despite the fall..... Fairs, already! We have 3 mos before ours ...

Marilyn Rock said...

Patti; great pictures; I'm happy Amber is okay; and you did get some fun time in. Thanks for sharing! xxoo

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh, sorry to hear about Amber's fall! That was a good idea to rent a wheel chair so that you could continue on with your day.

I've heard of all those different things deep fried on a stick, but haven't tried one yet!

It looks like you still had a great time. Hope her ankle is doing better now! ~Lisa