Monday, September 07, 2009

Earl and Rufio and I walked down to the lake too! Lots of gorgeous BLUE right? Earl and I and Rufio enjoyed the walk and the picture with the boat, isn't it funny how a seagull flew into the shot and it looks like it is mounted on the boat......but it is not! :0) The beach had lots of people having fun too!

Today was a beautiful day. The sun is out, and though it is a little cooler by the lake, it is glorious! Here are some of my flowers today, hibiscus that are opening and big and beautiful, and hydrangea more in the fall shades in my yard, and this little green ones are in a baby shoe that I got a farmers market.........oh so cute. :0)


Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

What a wonderful day! The little green succulents are hens and chicks-if you put them in the ground and mulch a bit before winter, they should live! They love rock gardens, too! Your hibiscus and hydrangea are totally beautiful!!!
Love you!!

Anonymous said...

Bright and shiny, gorgeous and natural! I can almost smell the hibiscus and feel the sand under my feet. Your garden is a treasure!

Heather Robinson said...

You make me want to be right there with you!! Love the seagull effect. It's so funny how things like that happen. It's like you just can't help but live an artistically aware life....and that's a good thing.

Elizabeth said...

Love your phots, Patti!! Your Hibiscus is glorious! It looks so lush and tropical, I wish that we could winter them over!!! the hens and Chicks are so cute and if they are happy they will spread like mad- they send out babies on t he little runner stems, hence the Chicks!! they would probably do just fine over the winter on a sunny window sill and then you could put some outside in the spring. Just DONt over water them- they like it dry dry dry!!

there you didn't ask for any of that did you???
Sorry to blather dear one! Earl and Rufio look so happy and handsome.
I hope that you have lots of wonderful fall weather!!!