Saturday, September 26, 2009

As promised, here is that winning quilt I wanted you to see! This is a landscape quilt and beyond amazing! The thousands of different fabrics that composed this huge quilt, and the delicate quilting......and then the over all look...........was just beyond stunning! Hope you enjoy seeing it!
You can click on the pictures to see a bigger closer view! :0)

Look what I saw yesterday!!!!!! WOW, beautiful and no doubt heading south for migration! But he flew alone....and I could not resist snapping a photo!
Happy weekend!!!!!!!


Marilyn Rock said...

I cannot believe that quilt is a quilt! It looks like a painting from the picture; amazing! Such detail - lots of work but very rewarding. Beautiful. And; great shot of the butterfly! xxoo Marilyn

Debbie Kaste said...

Gorgeous quilt, Patti! LOVE the pretty butterfly. Enjoy this weather we've been having. Won't be long before we see snow (ugh!) again here in Wisconsin:( Hugs, Debbie K.

Viola said...

A fantastic quilt! Really a masterpiece! WOW!!!

Elizabeth said...

What a fabulous butterfly shot!! The colors are amazing!! Great job!! Also thanks so much for sharing that amazing quilt, I can't imagine working on something that involved!! Simply stunning!
Big Hugs Dear Girl!!

Jacky said...

Wow Patti, what an amazing quilt, it almost looks like a painting/photograph...obviously it would take a lot of patience to make a masterpiece like that!

The butterfly is beautiful.

"What the caterpillar call the end,
the rest of the world calls a butterfly."

Jacky xox

Alexandra Knittel said...

Wow this is really a Quilt??? I'm speakless! Fantastic!