Sunday, May 23, 2010

We had a family wedding yesterday and it was MARVELOUS!
Great dancing, hugs for everyone and lots of reminiscing! What a beautiful day!

Smiles from Katie as her and Brad are wed and coming out of church!

The cupcake tower cake, velvet, banana and marble cupcakes! Beautiful and fun!

Auntie Edna and Bryan(Katie's brother) walking in the Grandma's.
Mark(my cousin) and Sue and Katie(bride)all looking gorgeous!!


Pattio said...

What a fun idea for a wedding cake. Did you have something to do with it? The bride looks gorgeous!


Marilyn Rock said...

Love the cupcake tower Patti! Awesome and the bride is gorgeous! What a happy and fun occasion! Thanks for sharing these pictures with us! xxoo Marilyn

Martha Lever said...

I love that cupcake cake. What a great idea!!! Beautiful bride. Thanks for visiting today and for your comment!

debbiek said...

I'll just Bet you made that cupcake cake, didn't you girl?! LOL! It's just beautiful and practical too.
Best wishes to the happy couple!
Big Hugs, Debbie K.