Thursday, September 02, 2010


No matter what I do, these pictures are not staying in the order I want them too! So, you will have to imagine them in the right order!

This a project Earl and I started and it took basically 2 weekends.

Here is a link, with instructions that are better than mine.

First you pick out some fantastic BIG leaves! Mine are from a sunflower, a hollyhock and one unsure...I got it in our parkway! LOVE IT, it is my favorite!
Then you build a sandpile (for the curve) and lay the leaf face down onto a piece of plastic covering the sandpile.

You can see HOW BIG the leaves are in comparison to my hand!

Then you press Vinyl Patch Concrete onto the leaves! Wear gloves, so your hands do not dry out. Cover the concrete with plastic and let dry for minimum of 2 days! Turn over and rub off the leaves! This is putsy and time consuming, and running some water over it helps get it off!

ViOLa, you will see the pattern of the leaf veins, it is amazing!!!!!!!

Once they dry, you can add color with paints! My favorite ended up being with Lumiere's paint, and I also used acrylic! Then I sealed them with 2 coats of polyurethane. I need to make the stands yet, I would like to see mine off the ground. But they can go anywhere in your garden and hold a little pool of water for birds and butterflies! :0)
Even plain, unpainted they are beautiful!

This is my favorite leaf! WOW!

All painted and sealed and PRETTY!

Hollyhock leaf

Parkway Leaf

Sunflower Leaf


Laura Krasinski said...

Patti my dear.. simply amazing.. is there anything you can't do... Love these...

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

These are even better than expected-and I expected a lot!! Love them!!! So, on a scale of 1 to 10-how easy were they to do? I give them a 10 for beauty!!!!
hugs, chris

debbiek said...

Oh my gosh Patti! These are absolutely beautiful and very functional too!!!! Looks like you two had great fun making them.

Your birdies and butterflies are going to love you for them:)

- DebbieK x

Barb said...

OMG Patti, is there anything you won't tackle? Your bird bath leaves are incredible!!!!

Laura said...

These are just gorgeous, Patti! Super job!! Thanks for showing us them.

Elizabeth said...

Fantabulous girl!!!! I love these and have been wanting to do some of my own for a long time. Thanks for the instructions!! your are beautifully done!! I have seen these done with smaller leaves and used as cheese plates for cheese and crackers and aso as soap dishes in a garden themed bathroom!

Kudos to you for including Earl in the project- perhaps I can use this to get Tom to create some with me!!!!
Love YA Chica!!!

Marilyn Rock said...

WOW! Angel - you just are magical. These are amazing and I love them. I can see these in rock gardens and can't wait until I see what you do with the base to have them elevated! WOW, WOW! It as great Earl could help, too; this is a terrific memory maker! Love you - Marilyn xxoo

Lin said...

Hi Patti! Oh my gracious -- what a STUPENDOUS job you have done!!!! Can you come this way and teach at the Arboretum????!!! Hope all is well!!!!!! I LOVE your gardens!

Lin said...

PS -- what di you use to paint them?

Pattio said...

Wow! Awesome project! These are beautiful. Love how you painted them. Are you going to make a stand or base for them? You will have to post more pictures with water and birds bathing in them ;)

Xela said...

Your leaves are fantastic Patti. Your tutorial is perfect. My mother made some for me and I love these! Have a nice weekend my dear. Hugs Alexandra

di said...

Patti! These are phenomenal!! I just love all your projects...!!
Yes, and what did you use to paint them? {hugs!} Diane

Gaby Bee said...

OMG what an amazing project! Thanks for the instructions! Your bird bath leaves are terrific. Each one is quite unique Patti! Once again you have done a wonderful job!!!
Hugs, Gaby

Rein said...

These are fantastic!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

dear patti,
These are so gorgeous. I love them!! Maybe I could try this. We just bought a home near my parents. I'm waving hello from florida! xoxox lenna

martha brown said...

WOW! These are so amazing! I'd like to try to make some.... maybe next year.....