Sunday, October 03, 2010

I am not an expert stamp carver by ANY stretch, but today I carved this little sweet bird and just wanted to show you! A friend of mine send me some of the carving rubber and I went to town! Hehehe! I would love to get some decent tools for this so I could do a better job! They always say it is if you have the right tools! :0) I cannot get details well, the tools I have are not the best.......but I made do! Hope everyone had a good weekend! Sending hugs!


Xela said...

Your self made stamp is fantstic Patti!
Have a nice week my friend.
Hugs Alexandra

Marilyn Rock said...

There is nothing you cannot do Patti and you do it beautifully. I love this sweet bird with the leaves and flowers - the branch! Just love it! You are amazing but I knew that :) I adore this! xxoo

Nancy Maxwell James said...

this is AMAZING! what a gorgeous sweet bird and you made it all yourself? WOW! Love your carving/art work! Have a wonderful week! :)

debbiek said...

Oh Patti, this is soooooo adorable. You are incredibly talented and even without what you would call 'the right tools' you did an AMAZING job! Just LOVE IT!!!!

Big Hugs,

Jacky said...

Wow Patti....your stamp is gorgeous, I LOVE it!!! Right tools or not you have made a beautiful stamp. I can just see this stamp adorning your artwork, envelopes/packages, cards. Such fun carving stamps and lino isnt it?

So clever woman!

Jacky xox

Rein said...

Your stamp is amazing, love it!

Anonymous said...

ooooooh you don't have the right tools??? what will you carve if you got them???!!! this is just funtastic patti, soooo awesome!! and i know you love birdies so much! got my tools at michaels, love the one where you can store the blades in the handle. get that one!!!
and sweetie hahaha it never occured to me to refill my candy dolls ... with m&m's. duh!!! will so do that since i emptied some after taking the pics and they look empty. hadn't thought of this at all!! thanks so much. and hopefully i won't be emptying them too soon hehe
sending spooky hugs
mizz rambling-bel

Gaby Bee said...

Your carved rubber is terrific, Patti! You are so multi talented, seems you can do anything :)

Barb said...

HI Patti,
Is there anything your won't tackle??? This is fantastic!!!
Thanks for sharing. Ü

Elizabeth said...

Youare awesome Blossom!! This stamp is fabulous and you did a wonderful job with it!!! As bel said the tools can be had all in one set at Michelas and use your 40% off coupon and you will love !
thank again isn't someone's B-day coming up????????????????????????

Elaine A said...

I think your bird on a branch carving is super! You did a great a awesome job correct tools or not. I have the carving material, and the tools, but dang if I can find my tools at the moment. ;-)