Saturday, August 06, 2011

Chocolate covered bacon on a stick, deep friend butter and Krispy Creme Burger!

Earl and Amber and I went to the WI STATE FAIR TODAY! Ohhhhhhh it was too hot, brutally hot! But I made sure to take my camera to get a good amount of pictures to share with you! I believe that our State Fair is one of the VERY BEST! Just wonderful.

Amber was lucky enough to meet up with a dear friend from her Disney Internship that lives in WI also, Darren and his brother!

We posed by some fun signs, you will see.

We drank flavored milk, ate cheese curds and walked with the masses enjoying the day.

Between the deep fried food(look at the menu, everything from deep friend BUTTER, and chocolate covered bacon krispy creme burgers), and food on a stick to eat asap, the animals (all way to HOT poor things, laying and trying to cool off), the shows(The Kids From Wisconsin singing the Beetles and playing instruments and dancing Glee style), the winning handmade items from clothes, pictures, quilts, breads, desserts, to home grown items, veggies and flowers, and artwork from kids to adult, the rides, the cream puffs,the giant yellow slide, etc. The Fair is amazing! If you ever get the chance to come and go to the WI STATE FAIR, DO!!!!

I am going to load a TON of pictures. Just please go take a look so you can get a good round about flavor of the FUN of the Fair! I would not be happy to miss it, and I am thrilled to go...but I wish it was not so hot! ENJOY! We did! You can make your own fun at the Fair, you will see in the pictures! Happy Weekend!


Marilyn Rock said...

Patti Sweet,
Thanks for sharing all of these pics from your time at the Fair! I have to say the poor animals don't look too happy. They look beaten down. It's just SO hot and humid - I can tell from the pics.

Great shots; the flowers are beautiful and the food sounds and looks yummy!

I've always thought these Fairs should be held in the Fall. But; you've managed to have a good time - all of you! Love your smiles!


debbiek said...

Hey Patti...
Wonderful post about the fair. Glad the three of you had such a great time. I read it to my hubby and he said they should hire you to do promotions for! Try and keep COOL;)

DebbieK xo

Barb in Texas said...

How-dee Patti,
Luv all your pictures, looks like "u-all" had a FUN time in spite of the miserable heat.
Watched Man V Food Nation at your restaurant, wow, what yummy food!
George wants to know if you do carry outs!!!

Gaby Bee said...

Hi my sweet friend! Hope you are doing well. I know I haven't visited in a while...I'm way behind on commenting:( It's a challenge, getting around to all of the wonderful blogs out there, isn't it!
Thanks for sharing all these beautiful pics! Looks like you had a fun time!

Hugs and Love,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the visit to the State fair. Reminds me of visits to the Bridgewater Exhibition in Nova Scotia. There we got to try our hand at making Balsam wreaths, and watched the Ox-pulls. No chocolate-covered bacon though.
I'm definitely going to try now to fit in our local fair in Ontario.
Your pics of all the vegetables, cakes and preserves, with the blue ribbons brought back memories. Here in Canada a first wins a red ribbon.

jeni said...

hey patti.....that was all too good...i love all creatives i wish i could join u to do all this wid wid:-))