Sunday, January 08, 2012

You know, art is not just for the walls any more!
A friend of mine,
Nina Owens, is going to be doing her FLOOR with tons of vintage papers.
You heard me right, vintage papers, ledger sheets, music sheets, foreign text.......and she is adding some collaged papers to it as well! Is that not the coolest thing?? It was a neat project to join in on. Obviously, I did not put anything dimensional or 3d on it at all, as it will be walked on! :) I wanted you to see the sheet close up though, really fun I think!

Imagine an art room with a floor like that! Sounds like heaven to me! Maybe I will do my DOOR that way, she is getting my mind rolling!
Anyways, here are some sheets I am sending her along with the one vintage doctor ledger paper that I collaged for her! I cannot wait to see how her floor comes out!


Marilyn Rock said...

Just incredible Patti! What an idea and it does get one thinking doesn't it?

Oh; I love Rufio's sweet face here! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! xxoo

Jacky said...

Now that's something different!!!! Will be interesting to see how it wears, what finish Nina will use.
That Rufio...such a sweet face.

Jacky xox

Leslie Brier said...

What a fantastic idea! Your piece is beautiful.