Sunday, April 29, 2012

3 legged squirrel

Here are some sweet finches at our feeder AND our new little pal! We call him/her Gimpy. She/he is missing his right front paw. It has a part of a leg, but the whole foot is not there. So I have been feeding him/her some peanuts. :) It is really cute and walks pretty well on three legs. Anyways, happy peanuts for little Gimpy.


Elaine Akers said... is always a treat to stop and visit your blog. I wish I had more time to blog hop. Love your bird and Gimpy photos.

Barb said...

Such pretty birds and "Gimpy" is so cute. I know they will be well fed by you. Ü
Thanks for sharing,

Gaby Bee said...

They are too cute! Great shots, Patti!

Have a lovely weekend!