Saturday, August 04, 2012

It's WI State Fair Time again

The Wisconsin State Fair is going on right now. Amber, Earl and I went today. We enjoyed, but it was too hot. To sort of cap off the fun things there, I will list a bunch of things we saw and did and ate.
We start out with the delicious WI products that we take in from honey, potatoes, cheese curds, flavored milk and all things yummy.....cream puffs.
All the WI animals are also there. From all kinds of varieties of roosters, bunnies, pigs, cows and horse and everything in between. The barns are loaded with big eyed animals that are gorgeous.
Cream Puff are a big staple item and I took pictures of the kids that work that booth, from cutting the baked cream puffs, to making the cream, filling the puffs, topping and powder sugaring the tops. They are beautiful to look at and even better to eat.
We did lots of walking and saw lots of different people have a great time.
The Horticulture building has the award winning items like, flowers, fruits, veggies, canned goods-the display was gorgeous as well as the canned items themselves, baked goods of all kinds from breads,cookies, brownies, and even meats and dips etc., handmade items of all kinds including quilts(Laura Krasinski entered her quilts and I saw the one of her daughter Jessi with a BLUE first place ribbon---congrats Laura!! shown in the last picture at the top), hand stitched items, clothes, wood working and everything in between. Photography is shown as well---many beautiful pictures. There is so much to see and appreciate. I am partial to the cakes, which I show a few of, as I used to enter that category! Super fun.If you like any kind of artwork, you will find something to stare at in awe.
Also, around the park area are little wooden photo opportunities where you can stick your face in a hole and get a funny picture. You will see a few of those as well. We cannot help ourselves.
Lastly, we always have flavored milk at Senator Herb Kohl's booth! The milk is .25 CENTS a cup and you can choose from, banana, vanilla-cherry, strawberry, chocolate, root beer, and we each had lots of milk. Doesn't it sound great? Well it was! And to our surprise, the Senator was there and so I took a picture of Earl and Amber with him as well! He was happy to pose!!  That was our day. We heard some music, Amber bought a cd of a neat tropical island sounding band that was there. She will listen to that driving and said it calms her. :)
The WI State Fair is a great place. We missed the Kids From WI, that sing,play musical instruments and they were only on tonight at 8 p.m. and we knew would be gone by then, but we always enjoy their show and the pig races. Yes, there are actual racing pigs and they run for oreos. Something you have to see if you are ever here. Hope you enjoy my pictures!


Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Our State Fair starts sometime next week. If it is hot-you will not see me anywhere near it!! LOL! We had a horrible and unexpected storm this a.m.-but we got a lot of rain in a short amount of time. Things are actually getting a bit green in places where it flooded. Hallelujah!! Or, however you spell Thank you Lord!!!

Debbie K. said...

Looks like you, Amber and Earl had a great time, Patti! Love the photos. Fred and I went to the fair last Thurs. and got DRENCHED! We had fun though, can't help it at the fair, no matter what the weather. Looked for your name and Laura's at the fair in the art displays but didn't see them. Congrats to Laura however. She (like YOU) does gorgeous items!Love the photo of Amber and Earl with Herb Kohl. Herb is so kind to offer the milk treats for .25, isn't he? Did I ever tell you he interviewed me and hired me for a job years Nice man:)