Sunday, September 02, 2012

A little Sangria and a Card

 Amber made some Sangria today and it was delicious!!!!!!
It consists of:
1 bottle of Moscato Wine
1 frozen raspberry lemonade concentrate
3 cans of sierra mist soda
and a bunch of strawberries cut up.
Mix it all together and let make a happy punch. YUM! You can see that looks delish right?
Also, here is a card I made today for a little girl named Alana,who is only nine. I read about her on a blog of a friends, friend. She was diagnosed with leukemia and they were asking for people to make a card to send her to brighten her spirits. Here is the link if you want to send her a card.
Just read about her and then email and they will send you her address. I hope that she feels better soon. Poor little dear!

Hoping that everyone is having a nice weekend.
Happy hugs all around!!!!

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