Thursday, November 01, 2012

Earl, Amber and I took a cruise last week for our 1 week a year vacation and what happened? SANDY!
Well, despite the rough seas, the Allure of the Seas proved to be a WONDERFUL ship full of great food, wonderful entertainment, a great Cruise Director Allan, shows that were amazing, and tons of things to do..........since we missed a port and were at sea more, they did a fantastic job of caring for us all!
In addition, the service on the ship was outstanding and our room steward and dining gals were super.

Earl did the zip line on the ship.Brave man and it
went great! He did great! This is him after it was done! He is SMILING!

 See our deck 9....balcony overlooking the boardwalk, back of the ship and aqua theater, with the smiley faces 3 over from the right and one up.

Royal Caribbean is connected with Dreamworks, so all the fun characters from those movies came with us! You will see, we made great fun of it..........being with family is always the best!
Yes, Captain Johhny road his actual Harley Davidson on the ship in the parade. Yes, there is a PARK with trees and all on the ship. Yes there is a full sized vintage car on board! Our balcony is on the picture with the Happy faces, (I hung those so we could see our balcony easily from other areas of the ship) look closely, we actually were on Deck 9 looking over the board walk, with the Yes actual life size carousal. :) Yes, that is rock climbing wall to the side of our balcony on both sides of the ship. How can we complain about this cruise?? I know!!!!!!!
Here are some pictures! Enjoy!

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Susan said...

How fun to see your pics from the cruise. LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing you all having such fun!!! That looks like such an amazing ship (says one who has never cruised). So happy you three enjoyed that time together even in the midst of a storm...eeeeek!!!! Hugs to you sweet friend. Thanks for sharing the photos.