Sunday, December 23, 2012

Amber and I made these this morning for fun!
I also had Elizabeth make one at my folks. They are so pretty. Here are the instructions for them. I found them on Pinterest!
I think they are delighful.
Here is a much more difficult version for those of you that are ambitious.


Marilyn Rock said...

These are so lovely; delicate and beautiful! Also; seeing your Christmas photos with your family......making memories for sure! Thanks for sharing all of this with us. The table does look lovely and inviting. It's so good to see your folks! xxoo Marilyn

Anonymous said...

Adorable ballerina's. Thank you for sharing. And Merry Christmas Eve. I hope you have a wonderful family dinner together!!!! Say hi to all!

Barb said...

Oh, these are wonderful and the fact that you made them with Amber makes them all the more special. Ü

Debbie K. said...

What a lovely table and so nice to see your family enjoying the time together.

Many thanks for sharing the ballerina patterns. They are adorable! Happy New Year!!!

Big Hugs,