Saturday, December 01, 2012

Today, I made a small tree skirt for Amber's work at the newspaper. They put their tree up last week and do not have a skirt. So, I put the name of both papers on it and made a little ruffle from some canine newspaper print fabric that I had! Too funny right?? Since all the stories on the ruffle are about dogs, I guess Rufio thought it was his to lay on! :) We did not let him stay there long.


Lise Steenerson said...

What a clever tree skirt. Looks great. I bet they loved it

Marilyn Rock said...

Oh my Patti! You are an artiste magician! This is awesome and so perfect for Amber's work at the newspaper. The trim is perfect and I love seeing Rufio there in the act :) He's so cute! xxoo

Debbie K. said...

Love this Patti! And Ruffio looks quite at home! You will have to make him one of his own;)
You NEVER cease to amaze me with your projects!


Elizabeth said...

How very sweet of you!! I bet the folks at Amber's work were thrilled!! OF course Rufio thought it was for him!! Isn't your house his castle??? Silly Patti!!!