Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dense fog, rain, hot, cold and snow.

 Our parkway today looked totally eerie. This is a picture on the way home from work, we had dense fog here at the lake and the inlet of water as well. The fog hangs over the water. It reached 61 today and we had severe rain. So we broke records for the temperature from 99 years ago, the high was 56, and we broke it for rainfall as well. Thankfully it was not all snow!!!!! Though the snow is coming tomorrow. Blah!
Have you ever made sloppy joe and put it over rice instead of on a bun?? It tastes great! This is our dinner, some celery, onion, spices and ground beef with open pit sauce, over rice and bicolored corn! Yum. We are easy to please! :)


Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

You are on the same weather path as we are. I am working from home tomorrow-we are supposed to have 6 inches and drifting.

I am going to try sloppy joe on rice!!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures of the parkway. Very cool that you captured the foggy overlay.

Patti said...

Beautiful shots! We have been getting lots of fog too.

Love your Artisan bread post too. it looks yummy.