Saturday, February 09, 2013

 Isn't this snow man hilarious?? Amber took this photo at the Waukesha Library, they have those historical cannons stuff! :)
 This is the steep hill at the corner of our block and one block down. It is the entrance to the South Shore Yacht Club, and there were tons of kids and Dad's there sledding today.

 Earl and I sat with the window open listening the squeals, giggles, sounds of pain and joy coming from those thumbing down the hill. It was fun to watch. They were all having a super fun time and did not see any 911 dumps, thankfully!

 Notice all the different, tubes, sleds and boards. Neat!
 This is Amber and her girlfriends out for a fancy and lovely brunch of omelets, crepes and hash!
Wanna go sledding?????? Snow is fun for kids!

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Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Love the snowman that was cannon-balled!! It got so warm here today, most of the snow has melted. Rain tonight, so it may all be gone by the a.m.!!!