Saturday, March 30, 2013

Monster Easter Eggs

 We all colored Easter Eggs today! It makes me laugh. I bought a little box set with monster faces and orange hair. They made the funniest eggs. I love them!!!!!! Some have hair, goatee, mustache, comb over, crazy lashes etc. Anyways, I love them and we all laughed pretty hard about how the boring colored eggs took on a life with this little set. Haaaaa!

 Amber had me download an app......Pic Stitch, where you can collage a few images together as shown in this pic. :)
 Onto our deviled eggs! Ohhhhhhh hilarious. The top pic is the one we saw that made us want to make these. The bottle pic is our worst , that had us rolling on the floor laughing, so........Amber made one of those NAILED IT comparisons that shows.......we truly DID NOT! :) Funny!

They still taste delicious, but we needed to take more time on these and were not in the mood, so they came out as is. The worse they looked, the more we liked them.....describing the circumstance that made them  look that brother beat me up chick, hang over chick, I've fallen and can't get up chick, etc. Haaaahehehe! Anyways, this was our fun for today! By the way, the eyes are pieces of black olives and the beaks are carrots!!!!! Good luck if you want to make them! Be ready to say......NAILED IT!


Marilyn Rock said...

Love, love, love your eggs! How fun for you and Amber! I can just hear the laughs! The chick eggs? Well; they sure have character! Delish I'm sure! xxoo

Lise Steenerson said...

Amazing eggs Patti, got a good laugh out of your monster eggs.
Everything you do is always amazing.
Happy Easter

Gaby Bee said...

I haven't been blogging as much lately or leaving comments as there is just not enough hours in a day!
Your monster eggs look great, Patti! I bet they were delicious :))

Thanks for you kind many days ago, the days are just flying by again.

Have a great day my friend!