Thursday, February 22, 2007

Amber and I got the SWEETEST RAK
(Randome Act of Kindness) today from Jeanette(on the left)!! Ohhhhhhh this little mothie has a new loving home! Her wings are irridescent and she has a sweet beaded halo on her head.....her fibers and beautiful butterflies adorn her and that sweet flower and velvet leaf are there to remind Amber and I that SPRING is coming! What a wonderful little mothie surprise for us! Just precious! THANK YOU Jeanette! <3 face="arial" color="#333333">From Jo W, I received our 1/1 trade today also! What a wonderful artful mail day for me! :0) Jo has hand painted fabric as the body, with cheesecloth and other fabrics, beautiful hand stitching and findings added for jjjjjjjust the perfect touches! If you think these Mothies look happy should see ME! Wheeeeeeeeee, I love them!!! I am one lucky girl to have such artsy kind friends!!! Yes yes!

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Marilyn Rock said...

Patti Sweet: These little mothies are adorable! Just precious!