Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Here we are this Happy Valentine's Day!! :0) Covered in WHITE! This is a shot of our house...shoveling the driveway onto those mounds is NOT easy......and then the other view is facing East and that is LAKE MICHIGAN this morning at the end of our block! Somewhat,but still an awe inspiring beautiful thing to wake up to each day! Those ducks are happy....they are in the little opening left to the pond that is in the parkway as I drive Amber to school! The one WHITE duck is an escapeY from a farm we think! The wild ducks are starting to accept him now! :0) Anyways, hope everyone has a love filled Valentine's Day! <3


Jo Wholohan said...

brenna loves these pictures, what a beautiful area you live in!!!!!

tina's space said...

That view is just beautiful. There is something about a covering of snow; so cold yet so beautiful.