Tuesday, February 20, 2007

INCHIES: a one inch square of art, are the newest rage! You can go here......
and see what can be done once you gather enough inchies to make a collage...in a given color scheme or theme! This swap is a FABRIC inchie swap and the theme is WHITE! You cannot really see well what I have done, but I have two layers of fabric, and then the imageand art are head bonded on with fusible web and a small piece of lace at the bottom too! The bees are a metallic beads-- stitched on! They are really fun, but oh so small! :0) This is a 6 for 6 swap, so I will get back 6 different white ones to start my collage! I will be joining more of these for sure! Happy Fat Tuesday......yes I had a paczki(polish donut) today! Cheese filled!Mmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!

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Dotee said...

Your fabric inchies are soooo wonderful Patti! How clever to put tiny images on them. This is going to be a great swap.

Thanks for linking to my blog :)