Friday, December 21, 2007

I host a cookie exchange at work! This year we had 9 participants! Here is a platter of the results. There are two platters. Each participant makes one dozen of their type of cookie for everyone playing. So this year, 9 dozen cookies. Then I swap them out and we come home with these pretty cookies, and recipes are included! This year there were:
*shortbread fingers with candy tips (4 and 11 o'clock)
*raspberry sugar cookies (middle)
*peanut butter blossoms (7 o'clock)
*peanut butter truffles (9 o'clock position)
*bourbon balls (near 6 o'clock)
*angel whispers (lemon sandwich dusted with powdered sugar) scattered
*cut outs stars, candy canes, trees and ginger bread men
*pistachio sandwich cookies (1 o'clock position)
*pecan fingers (12 o'clock position)
They all look and smell great! Aren't they pretty all plated up! :0)


Sanja said...

dear Patti,
Happy Christmas to you and your family. :-)

Anonymous said...

oooh my gosh, this looks so yummy!!! awesome presentation and what an even better idea! happy holidays sweetie!!!

Cheryl said...

I'm gaining weight just looking at these...yum,yum!
Thanks for the beautiful card and all of your encouragement this past year...if it weren't for you I would never be blogging!
Merry Christmas...ho..ho.ho..heeheehee....

Pattio said...

Hi Patti,

What a great swap! Hope you Amber and Earl have a terrific Christmas! Hugs Pattio

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Have a wonderful Christmas Patti. It has been a real pleasure visiting your blog this year and to also receive some of your fabulous work.Your comments are always so kind too. xx (fab cookies btw...what a great idea!!!!!!!)