Sunday, September 19, 2010

This is our outing to Cedarburg today! WHAT FUN! TONS of Halloweenie goodies, and of course, veggies, flowers, foods, scarves, clothing, jewelry, everything imaginable for the vendors to sell!

These metal pumpkins were my favorites.....but very pricey! I had to just take a picture!!!! Do you see the word EEK behind there......ever so cool! That taller pumpkin was about 3 feet high! Just terrific, all metal work, and painted ....LOVED IT!

Look at the fun GOODIES, from gourds and veggies to fun other stuff as far as the eye could see!

Cathy, Mom and Julie by huge REAL carved pumpkins! FUN!
This is CHALK ARTWORK on a sidewalk! Beautiful huh?

Me and Mom by the pumpkins!

Loved going with the girls to this, it was packed with people, though the weather was damp and did not rain on us! THANK YOU GOD!
A super fun day seeing all the wonderful bits and could buy a WEALTH OF FUN ARTSY THINGS if one was wealthy! :0)


Xela said...

The pictures looks very funny Patti. Have a wonderful week my dear. Hugs Alexandra

Marilyn Rock said...

Patti; I see what you mean. I would want one or TWO of everything! How fun! Thanks for sharing - love those pumpkins and the sidewalk art!

I'm happy you had a nice time! xxoo

Rena said...

COOL! the sidewalk art was my favorite! What a fun weekend!!
Cedarburg is such a cute town!
Thanks for sharing all the fun!


Nancy Maxwell James said...

what a fantastic fair! I love all the wonderful photos and it sure puts me in the fall spirit! Have an awesome weekend !:)

Angelcat said...

Looks like you had a fun day out. I love Halloween, though it's not really as big of a deal here in England.

Anonymous said...

whoohoo ... i love to take visual walks with you!! amazing market. gotta love those carved beauties. some are HUGE!!!!! thanks so much for sharing

Elizabeth said...

What a great time you ahd with the girls!!!! Those huge pumpkins are really something else! Thanks for taking us with you!!! Hugs!!