Sunday, September 12, 2010

We took a llllllllllllllllong walk with Rufio today, down by the lake and through the parkway. We saw a swan, it is always in the same spot, so Earl thinks it is fake! Hehehe, the picture is not clear enough to determine!!!!

Rufio was not that interested in the waterfall!
Hurrrrrrmph! :)

He likes seeing the other people and doggies more......go figure!

Rufio posing on a rock!

Would you believe we have leaves changing already? I was sort of sad to see that already, but sort of happy to see the colors too! Just a bit surprised I guess!!!!!

Beautiful nature we saw as we walked!


Xela said...

Patti Rufio is so cute and your pictures are fantastic. Have a nice Sunday my dear. Hugs Alexandra

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Beautiful day!!! Have a good rest of the weekend!!
hugs, chris

Sanja said...

Oh my...Rufio is really cute Patti.
Have a beautiful week
Big hugs to you
Sanja xox

Anonymous said...

beeautiful pictures and such a cute rufio!!! :) your bird leaf baths are amazing. when i first saw the picture i thought they were REAL!!! bravo, so well done. the birs must love them. hope you'll be able to catch a pic with one taking a bath and sipping up the precious water. today is as beautiful over here as on your pics!!

Marilyn Rock said...

Patti; sweet Rufio there with you! Beautiful pictures - love the swan! It's nice to be out with nature and these pictures capture its beauty.
Thank you! xxoo Marilyn

debbiek said...

Hi Patti, love your photos and especially the one with you walking little Rufio:) Winter will be upon us far too soon, Sweetie....Have a great week;)

- DebbieK x

Nancy Maxwell James said...

Loved your beautiful photos! My Hailey would love to play with Rufio! :) It certainly has gone into fall quickly...and while I don't want winter here anytime soon - I am grateful for the cooler temps! :)

Nancy Maxwell James said...

thank you for your sweet comments about Dad on my blog! It meant a lot. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

JTreib said...

Hi Patty! Of course I remember being called a Screwdriver back in the day. ;)

You have a lovely blog and take amazing photos. Hope all is well with both you and your family.

Jessica "Screwdriver" Treiber