Thursday, July 11, 2013

Avengers Garage door art mural and more

 So cute this bunny is and the pal, until they are munching down my flowers!!!!! Grrrrrrr! :)
 There are two in our front yard and Rufio was not happy about that.
 Baby birds are hatching everywhere, look at this sweet baby Robin resting on our grate! Awwwwww!
 Rufio and Earl on HOT July 4th.....we took a walk to the lake front.
 Amber and her gal pals enjoying the 4th of July. They are all adorable!!!!!
 We have some neat and freaky dragon flies around here lately. Here it is on my lupine flower.
 The wings look like a cheetah. They are yellowish with those spots and see through. Look below as they are really amazing to see. Smallish, maybe 2 inches long in the body and of course a set of double wings. Do you see how you can see the plants below the wings, you see straight through the wing. Click on the picture and look larger.

 This is my repurposed dresser planter right now. It is doing well now that the flowers have taken hold. This is a fun flower container.
Lastly, Rufio in front of our Avengers garage door! I got this artwork done as a surprise for Earl last year. We love this and have a smile every day when we come home thinking about Super Hero's and trying to make each day a bit the Hulk, Iron Man and Captain America do......stand up for the right and good! :) Be your own Super Hero and brighten someones day!

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Sugar Lump Studios said...

Hi Patti
I hope you are enjoying your summer! Loved seeing all the photos from your yard and the wildlife. Do you need a few chipmunks? We love them - but probably have a few to spare! ;)

Have a great weekend!