Saturday, August 03, 2013

Giving an old table a new look

 Amber bought this crazy 1970s table at a thrift store. It was less than $3. She sanded the whole thing to just give it a bit of a roughness. It was a lamanent type covering.

 She wiped it all down and then masked it off.
 She used Krylon Fusion paint and painted the top and then the sides and legs.

 She taped on the stencil and used the black to give the top a lovely finish.
 Here is the before.
 And the fun after! We will still put a clear coat on it once it dries completely!
 A fun project for a fun table. AND it is a turn table, the whole thing spins. Super neat!


Patti said...

Very COOL!

Cheers to you.

Debbie K. said...

Great project Amber! I can see where the creativity stems from;) Looks like it was soooo much fun to do. I'll bet your place is awesome!