Sunday, August 11, 2013

Some yard and flower pictures

 Our roof is not done yet. That is why you see the wood holding down the rubber. BUT, I trimmed bushes this weekend and hung my new hot air balloon spinner which I love! You can see it on the corner there.
 Though it is dry here, plants are happy because I am watering. I wish we could get a nice steady stream of rain for a day to give everything a healthy drink.

 Clematis are still in bloom.
 The coneflowers are glorious! Love these!
 Hibiscus that I planted and bought this year are blooming, but those in the front yard that have been there for 4-5 years are not ready yet. Those are pink and I will show them later in August when they look their best.
 Rose of Sharon bushes in our back yard are beginning to bloom. The yellow milk can is from my Grandpa Groshek's farm! <3 p="">
 Side fence where we had to build a fence to keep out nasties. The Arborvitae are growing nicely. The tops are near the top of the fence already.
One more angle of the back yard and those beautiful HUGE Rose of Sharon bushes. I hope they stay healthy forever. They are awesome!!!!


Patti said...

Despite your unfinished roof everything looks great. I love coneflowers and Hibiscus too. Lovely!

Debbie K. said...

Your yard looks AMAZING, Sweet Patti! So inviting. Nature shown at it's best!!!

Tamara Stanley said...

I wouldn't notice the condition of your roof if you didn't mention it. Hehe! Is there a problem why it wasn't done yet during that time? Well, at least the contractor somehow made sure that your roofing system still looks decent. I hope that everything is fine now. Your outdoor look gorgeous, by the way. You should keep it up!

Tamara Stanley @ Rhino Roofing